Soul Emergence

Soul Emergence is exactly what you need. It might seem like a bit much but it’s the truth. Why is that? Pretty simple!  

In a Soul Emergence session, I deliver exactly what you need however you need it. You will receive messages, guidances but also activations. Sometimes, past lives come up and we explore them to shine a light on what needs to be brought to your attention.
Soul Emergence is based on you, your energy, your soul and what you need. 

90 minutes

Live on Zoom + Replay 

200 €

Soul Emergence is the sum of my initiations & knowledge, my experience different methods I practice and my own unique magic.

How the sessions goes...

In the beginning, I guide you through in a meditation in order to allow to arrive in this moment together and to set intentions. 
It’s very important to me because I know sometimes we can be anxious or tensed before a reading. This meditation relaxes you and opens you for the reading. I also set up a sacred and protected space and connect to your energy field.

Once connected, I will share the messages you need to hear. I offer guidances that make sense of what you feel and what you’re going through at the moment. I also delived healing and activations if and when needed. 

At the end, I will send you light and disconnect from your energy. 

As soon as the replay is uploaded, I will send it to you via email. You will be able to watch it and get new codes from it 🤍