Meet Lilith

Hi I'm Lilith!

I'm also an oracle.

This means that my channel is clear and I can tune in in order to deliver profound understandings and healings.

I am highly spiritual and dedicated but I am also very grounded and highly sensitive… a well balanced person for readings and healings grounded & ethereals ✨

I'm not your average coach/Guide.

I’m the kind of coach that will push you and help you love yourself unconditionnally because I see you for who you are at your core. 

I’m the kind of coach that will always question everything with you. Why? Because by questionning things we deconstruct them and we can then build anew with only what serves us. 

This is not work for the faint of heart. But it is work that every soul aiming for a beautiful aligned life of flow and abundance should do.

I think we are a lot alike

My thinking mind can be (very) loud, just like yours probably. But, it’s always an opportunity to learn a lesson and see where I haven’t fully trusted my intuition, trusted fully and/or let go.

My brain is also working at full speed most of the time when I’m not meditating or doing automated tasks like cooking or painting. This allows me to think of all the possibilities and choose the best one with my brain AND my gut. 

I’m here to shake things up and teach – as I learn myself- how to do things our way, the best way and the only way that works… 🙅‍♀️ not the way we’ve been urged to follow. With me, you follow your gut and your heart. ♥ (peak at the glimpse of my astro & HD charts bellow)

A few more things about me...

☀ Aquarius
⬆ Gemini
🌕 Virgo 
♀♄⛢♆ Capricorn
♂︎♃ Taurus

💫 4/6 Splenic Manifestor

I am plant based and, at the moment, gluten free. I don’t drink alcohol, I don’t smoke and I don’t do drungs… I never needed that to have a good time, I’m too much of an empath for that 🤣

I used to watch a bunch of TV shows but I’m now mostly watching the classic comedies such as The Office, Friends, New Girl 😄 Because my nervous system prefer it. 

I read fantasy & romantasy and we can talk about it for hours yes please. I can tell you if things in those books are true in our reality 🤭

In My Magical Toolbox/Hat

✨ Channeling, intuition, clairs
✨ Oracle & Torts
✨ Energetic healing
✨ Embodiment practices
✨ Grounding to the earth & anchroing to the divine

✨ Yoga & tantric philosophy
✨ Meditation 
✨ Pranayama
✨ Nervous system regulation
✨ Emotional Intelligence & “Positivie Intelligence

✨ Gestion de projet
✨ Copywriting
✨ Communication & Marketing
✨ Community & Content Management
✨ Website Creation
✨ Montage (audio, video)

I love

– Colors
– Crystals
– Oracle cards
– Meditation (especially guiding them because I get in THE zone)
– Listening to music
– Walks in the forest or near a river
– Long & meaningful conversations
– Singing & dansing
– Swim sessions
– The Sun & the moonlight
– Snow especially at Noël & on my birthday
– Petrichor, the smell of the rain on the hot ground
– Pizzas 
– Looking at & taking pictures of clouds
– Watching the sun rise & set
– Truth, autenticity & vulnerability

I don't love

– Rules that are supposedly made to work for everyone when everyone is unique & works differently…
– Beetroots
– The noise of a cotton disc being teared in two
– Lack of respect, kindness, decency
– Hypocrits & injustice, homophobia & racism
– The Beattles & ABBA

My Diplomas, Trainings & Certifications

I love learning about my passions… 

My soul loves learning so much that she even decided to incarnate on Earth a lot 🙄🤣

Energetic & Spirituality
  • Dimensionals – Certification for Quantum Leaps, Regressions & Progressions by Grigoria Kritsotelis | 2023
  • Illumination – Initiation & learning with Grigoria Kritsotelis | 2023
  • Energy Scan – Initation with Natashia Mack | 2021
  • Isis Golden Triangle – Initiated by Margot Magda | 2020
  • Several trainings & programs around the quantum, lost civilisation codes, christ consciousness, and more. 
  • The Dragonfly Method – Grigoria Kritsotelis | 2022
  • PQ (Positive Intelligence Quotient) Coaching – Shirzad Chamine | 2022
  • Reset Portal (Système Nerveux & Human Design) – Dr Divya Dwarakanath | 2022
  • 200H Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course – Samyak Yoga – Mysore, India | 2018 
  • 200H Yoga Teacher Training – Brett Larkin |  2019
  • Masterclasses (chakras, kriya, nidra) – Brett Larkin | 2020
  • 80H Perinatal Yoga Teacher Traning Course – Bliss Baby Yoga School | 2021
  • HIIT Yoga – Sadie Nardini (in process)
And also...
  • Marketing with Sorelle Amore (in process)
  • Silva Method (in process)
  • Masters in creative publishing
  • Licence in Science Language & Litterature
  • High School degree, litterary cursus with ancient greek and arts option. 
Some of the jobs I had...
  • Publishing : Editorial Assistant, Foreign Rights Assistant, Junior Agent & Deputy Director
  • Communication & marketing : Communications Officer, Head of communication & marketing
  • But also: Business Assistant, Secretary, cashier…

Want to book a 1:1 session with me?