Soul Reading • Heart Healing • Magic Teachings

Connect to your magical essence
& unleash your full potential ✨

My channeled sessions help you to better know and understand yourself and to feel confident in your gifts. 

I offer:
✨ Soul Reading, Heart & Energy Healing sessions
✨ Past Life Regressions
✨ Quantum Leaps & Group journeys
✨ Spiritual Mentorship
✨ Webdesign & coaching to finally have a website that showcases the soul of your spiritual biz 

Hi I'm Lilith...

your fairy godmother 🪄

I’ve been into spirituality & energy my whole life. I believed in fairies, past lives and felt energy in the palms of my hands for as long as I can remember but… I only dove into spirituality during my first Saturn return. It was time and more than an evidence. 🦋

Just like it is an evidence for me to read energy & teach about all things mystical and magical. Hey, it’s even all over my birthchart 😅

Intuition is a super power and I will teach you how to use it. 

I thrive shining a light on what’s going on for you behing the scenes, on your magic. If you need someone to make sense of the energies in your field and what the fork is happening, look no further. We’ll go in depth, clear the path and light it up! 


Let's make magic together 🪄​

My sessions are always guided by my intuition & the divine. Magic & spontaneity have a prominent spot as I don’t follow strict guidelines. I let the divine intervene and whisper in my ear, guide my hand. My sessions are constructed to deliver to you what you need, when you need it and in the way that is the most beneficial for you. They are like a cocoon laced with guidance, messages, soothing, healing and activating. 

Each session is unique and tailed for you and your own unique needs 💜

I have many tools in my magical toolbox and I offer more than intuitive sessions : Quantum Leaps, Meditative Journeys, spiritual coaching & mentorship, magic teachings… I can even help spiritual business build a website that share their true essence. 

I would definitely recommend a reading with Lilith! I have had the opportunity to work with her multiple times and she is so amazingly gifted and does the best work! 🤩
That was THE BEST regression I've ever had!
Personnalized Past Life Regression
Lilith is such a talented channel and healer who holds space so tenderly. And yet, she is a powerhouse with delivery, I tell you! There were parts of me asking for a voice and to be seen which brought new layers of revelations.
Energy Scan


01 | Awakening Stories

I’ve created a bilingual podcast to talk all things spirituality. My goal is to hel you gain clarity and a sense of belonging. I want to be hand in hand with you while you walk your spiritual path. You’ll find interviews, shares & channeled guidance.

02 | Lights in, Solstice Quantum Leap

With this Quantum Leap you will not only get to witness and merge with your highest timeline, harvesting all the cheat codes you may need, but you will also receive an attunement. You will see and feel your own light and feel safe to shine it with the world, being fully yourself 🌞

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