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Book an Angel Message, it’s the cheapest way to work 1 on 1 with me!
You’ll have a recording to listen again and again.

But if you want more than a short message, check out Soul Emergence & Coaching with Spirit 💜 If you need healing, Heart healing sessions are coming (my soul has done that for many many lives).

Soul Emergence is for you babe! We go in for 90 minutes and you’ll get all the messages PLUS healing and activation as required. 
It’s my best offer (no brainer!) and my favorite thing to do! 🥰

If you want just 60 minutes of intensity, you could pick Coaching with Spirit.

If you want Heart Healing, stay tuned. It is coming and it’ll be 🔥💚

I’m honnored you want to work with me! Know that we can arrange payment plans, just reach out ♥

In all transparency, as much as I would have a sliding scales for my offers, I tried it… but doesn’t work for me or my business at the moment.
My prices include taxes (22%) and all the energetic-behind-the-scenes-things (being a healer is taxing, it takes a lot of energy).

In the following months, I am planning to host giveaways regularly on my socials so make sure you follow me on Instagram, TikTok & YouTube to have a chance to win a free reading with me!

Send me a message bellow or on Instgram! We’ll figure things out together!

There are some things such as card readings and intuitive medicine readings that I keep for special occasions but if that’s what we need, we’ll arrange that 😉 I’m here to serve 🤍

Shoot me a DM on Instagram or an email and we’ll make it work!! 💜

Yes there is. Of course! So much comes through that it’s important for me to provide you with a recording. You’ll be able to take extensive notes or watch it as many times as needed 😊
I will send you the recording via email. It’ll be hosted on YouTube as a private video so only you can access it. You don’t even need to download it, just save the link somewhere 💜
If you’re not comfortable with that, the recording will be done on your computer and I will not have a copy of it to upload if you lose it.

As part of the Elohim Institute, I do intuitive healing with a group of oracles. You can book there if you want a whole group of amazing people to read you and send you healing. 
If you just want my help, I would love to! Write to me bb 💜

YES! If it’s aligned of course but yes I can! Get in touch and we’ll organize it all 🙌💜

Reach me here... 🪐

💌 lilith[at]
📍 France

You will also be able to find me on the internet 👇

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