Angel Message

Angel Message

Receive a healing and activating postcard from the Angel Realm
Summer Exclusive • Limited Spots

I teleport us to the Angel Realm & we connect you with an Angel or an Archangel.

I will share the name of the (arch)angel that is coming forward for you. 
You will receive a message you need to hear at this now moment.
Healing, clearing and/or activating can be sent.

I will also deliver you further guidance and things to implement in your daily life in order for you to deepen your connection with the divine and/or this specific archangel. 

You will receive a recording around 25 minutes to listen to as much time as your heart desires. This is not a live session.

35€ for the first 3 people to book // 55€ afterwards

35€ = USD 39   //   55€ = USD60

Want a glimpse of the angel messages?
Check out July's Energetic Forecast on YouTube ♥
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